Aspen History: 19th Century Tree Huggers |

Aspen History: 19th Century Tree Huggers

Aspen Historical Society
One glass-plate negative of the Garfield School on the 800 Block of E. Durant Avenue, in the east end of Aspen. The school is abandoned and boarded up. There are cottonwood trees around the building and a sidewalk in the front.
John Bowman

“On Friday morning the teachers and pupils in the public schools celebrated Arbor Day by planting a large number of trees on the grounds adjoining the different school buildings,” noted the Rocky Mountain Sun on April 19, 1890. “The trees were named after some celebrated people, and some that are not very celebrated. Most of the recitations of the children were suitable to the occasion and were rendered with credit to themselves and teachers. The little ones were neat and orderly and greatly enjoyed the novel holiday. We hope by another year to see the grounds neatly fenced, when a variety of trees can be planed without danger of their being injured by stock. The trees planted were all of the cottonwood variety and will, in time, add greatly to the appearance of the grounds.” This image shows cottonwood trees around the Garfield School (which was located on the 800 block of Durant Avenue) some years later, circa 1915.