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Special Home Delivery Offer

One thing we learned during this pandemic is that we have a lot of interest in the community for daily home delivery of The Aspen Times. We’ve done this before but it’s been a long time so we have to start small, in neighborhoods where we think there will be a lot of interested, news hungry folks. Currently, this service is only offered in the Cemetery Lane area but we hope to expand quickly.

Thank you for supporting local journalism and for being one of the first to participate in our brand new delivery program. We look forward to bringing The Aspen Times to your doorstep every day!

Pricing and Payment

Getting the paper at your house each day costs just $400 per year or $1.09 per day. Just create an account with us below. After you click “submit” you will be taken to our secure payment page, handled by Paypal. There you can either pay with a pay pal account or a credit or debit card.

To kick things off, we would like to offer this service to you for just $1.00 per day. That’s just $365 per year! Use promo code “ATHD” when you check out.

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Special Home Delivery Offer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Launching a new home delivery program is completely dependent on one thing – people who want the paper home delivered. To make this program cost effective, we need a minimum of 100 home delivery customers.

What if we don’t get 100 customers? While we refuse to think like that right out of the gate, it’s possible everyone loves their digital Times or is already grabbing a newspaper out of the stand built into their daily dog walk routine and this program just isn’t their cup of tea. If we don’t get 100 customers, you’ll get a full refund a full refund, right away.

When will my delivery start? We will charge your credit card on the day that you sign up for 1 year of delivery service. Your delivery will start on Monday, June 28, 2021. If we don’t get 100 customers, you will automatically receive a prompt and full refund.

What if I go on vacation? Just email homedelivery@aspentimes.com and let us know when you will be gone and when you’re coming back. We will stop delivery and those days will be added on to your account. Delivery will resume when you return. You may also have up to 7 days worth of papers held and delivered upon your return if you don’t want to miss a thing.

What if I experience delivery issues? Give Jake Marine, Regional Circulation Director, or Publisher Samantha Johnston a call or email. We’ll speak to our carrier and get things straightened out. We’ll also extend your subscription for a day or for as many days as the issue lasted. We want you to be happy customers.
Jake Marine, Regional Distribution Manager, (563) 299-3268
Samantha Johnston, Publisher, (720) 412-4240

Can I cancel? Absolutely! If you’re not totally happy with your service you may cancel at anytime. You will receive a prompt refund for the remaining balance on your account. We will ask you why so that can improve our service but please call us before it comes to that. We’ll take care of you.

More Questions? Contact Us!

You have a direct connection to the mobile phones of the two people who care the very most that this is the best investment you’ve ever made –

Jake Marine, Regional Distribution Manager, (563) 299-3268
Samantha Johnston, Publisher, (720)-412-4240

If you’re not the type to talk on the phone (we totally get it), feel free to email us at jmarine@postindependent.com or sjohnston@aspentimes.com.

Thank you for supporting The Aspen Times – Pitkin County’s oldest continuously operated business. We’ll celebrate 140 years this summer. Yep, since 1881.