Writ Large story series returns to Justice Snow’s

Staff report

The live storytelling series Writ Large will return to Justice Snow’s Restaurant and Bar tonight with true tales from six local women.

The lineup includes Cindy Hirschfeld, Heather Ardley, Kether Axelrod, Lynn Aliya, Nicole Hagg and Wewer Keohane. Writ Large is a collaboration between Justice Snow’s and the Isaacson School for New Media’s Digital Story Lab that invites community members to learn story-crafting techniques and engage live audiences.

“These women are all well-known figures in our community telling tall stories and short ones, curvy and voluptuous, courageously revealing everything including loss and lost pets,” said series curator Alya Howe said in an announcement. “We have sexting followed by a dreamy love story, plus an adventure in a tomb within an Egyptian pyramid.”

Writ Large focuses on true stories narrated by the person who had the experience.

Storytellers are selected prior to the event and each is offered an opportunity to get pointers and tips to make their stories more compelling. Storytellers will have a chance to practice telling their stories well before the day of the event.

The program is $10 and is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. Storytellers interested in taking part in future Writ Large programs are encouraged to contact Howe at

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