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Unlikely Candidates return to Belly Up Aspen

The Unlikely Candidates will open for the Struts on Friday at Belly Up.
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The Unlikely Candidates want the world and they want it now.

This Fort Worth, Texas, rock band started as a modest acoustic duo nearly a decade ago. But in recent years — and especially on the band’s new EP, “Bed of Liars” — the five-piece Unlikely Candidates are making soaring, sing-along-ready earworms with sky-high ambitions. It’s indie rock made for stadium-sized crowds.

“I think we always want to swing for the fences,” lead singer Kyle Morris said during a March swing through Aspen. “We like things that sound grandiose and huge. The drama, the big songs — that appeals to us. We’re a fairly dramatic band.”

The band returns to Belly Up on Friday night, opening for The Struts and continuing an aggressive run of touring that included playing seven concerts this spring at SXSW in Austin.

“They were all amazing,” Morris said. “Once you get in a rhythm, you just catch fire and we just keep getting better and more fluid. We’re taking that energy with us to Colorado.”

Hustling around the country and hoping to break big, the band is touring in support of “Bed of Liars” and its infectious singles “Ringer” and “Your Love Could Start a War.”

It’s the band’s second disc, but its first on which Morris has written songs with guitarist/producer Brenton Carney, who with Morris has brought a genre-hopping pop ambition to the band — moving from the Mumford-esque acoustic anthem “Just Breathe” to the electro-pop of “Ringer.”

“It’s kind of a coming out, as far as us as a songwriting team,” Morris said of the EP. “I’m excited to show that stuff off. … It’s exciting to play new material and figure out what the personality of that song is and how you’re going to interpret it live.”

After years on the cusp and thousands of miles logged on the tour van, Morris said he hopes to quickly follow up “Bed of Liars” with a full-length album and make the Unlikely Candidates the kind of band everybody knows.

“We’ve been wandering under the radar,” he said. “Now our goal is to become more of a household name.”


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