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Tierro and Elephant Revival’s Bridget Law headline Belly Up Aspen

Kim Fuller
Special to The Aspen Times
Bridget Law, right, formerly of Elephant Revival, has joined her recently-wed husband Tierro Lee, left, and a new band coming to Belly Up on Tuesday.
Special to the Aspen Times |


Who: Tierro with Bridget Law

Where: Belly Up Aspen

When: Tuesday, Nov. 28, 10 p.m.

How much: Free until 10 p.m.; $5 thereafter

More info: http://www.bellyupaspen.com

You may know her name from the indie folk music group Elephant Revival, but renowned violinist Bridget Law is now exploring new rhythm for herself in the industry and in her life. After 11 years of touring with Elephant Revival, Law said she has decided to create a more home-based lifestyle for herself.

Law and Tierro Lee, founding member of Kan’Nal and producer of Arise Music Festival (known in the industry simply as Tierro), were recently married and have started performing together. They will headline Belly Up Aspen today.

“I am looking forward to being more regenerative with my artistic energy and my community and with my home life,” she said of the transition out of touring with Elephant Revival. “I want to focus more on things that are happening in Colorado, and venues that are awesome in Colorado, and also art that’s happening here.”

The combination of talent and passion exchanged between Law and Tierro creates a dynamic and worldly sound, supported by a rhythm section of Charles Parker on bass (recently back from sitting in on tour with Thievery Corporation) and drums by Jonny Jyemo (the founder of Jyemo Club). The captivating music takes listeners on a transcendent journey that flows between daring improvisation and carefully crafted arrangements.

“We fell in love playing music, so it’s really natural to be sharing that with people,” Law said. “My husband is an incredible composer, and we kind of dance between the violin and the guitar, and then we put these dance beats behind them. So it’s really fun music, really danceable music and it’s really transcendent and meditative.”