Spencer Hansen brings ‘New Friends’ to Skye Gallery

Artist Spencer Hansen opened his third solo show at the Skye Gallery in Aspen on Saturday, Jan. 9.

It follows a sale of Hansen’s Blamo brand toys and apparel that have been on display in the gallery since December.

“New Friends” debuts new work the multi-disciplinary artist has made during the stay-home and social-distancing periods of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“I made friends by making ‘New Friends,’” Hansen says in a gallery announcement.

The works use a palette of repurposed materials, soft fur and hammered brass, ridged textures and delicate ceramics.

“The collection welcomes us into an unknown world inhabited by wobbly four-legged friends, hugging loving fluffernutters, faceted space monkeys, and other oddly familiar yet friendly foreign creatures,” the announcement reads.

The show is scheduled to run through Feb. 21.



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