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‘Equus’ to open Thunder River Theatre Company’s 2018-19 season

Staff report

Carbondale’s Thunder River Theatre Co. is set to open its 2018-19 season with “Equus,” described as the “provocative, dramatic” hit by Peter Schaffer that first played Broadway in 1974.

“Many Roaring Fork Valley residents have access to big-budget, commercial theaters in major urban centers, so, when they visit us at TRTC, they look forward to edgier, breathtaking, and often riskier material. ‘Equus’ definitely promises to deliver,” said Corey Simpson, TRTC’s executive artistic director and the director of this production.

It’s the first TRTC production to feature an out-of-town cast of actors through the theater’s newly announced Guest Artist Program.

Regarding TRTC’s new Guest Artist Program, Simpson said, “Finding just the right cast members to handle the demanding material our audiences want to see can be a real challenge. Isaac Stackonis is going to capture the hearts of our audience in this truly special performance with his singular mix of charisma, youthful vulnerability and nuance.”

Stackonis, a Los Angeles-based actor, plays 17-year-old Alan Strang, a character made famous by Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe’s recent portrayal of the role. Stackonis was given the role after auditions held with actors from Carbondale, Denver, Los Angeles and New York City.

The play “Equus,” the root for horse in Latin, features Dr. Martin Dysart, a therapist who is treating a horse-obsessed teenage boy, Alan Strang, who has violently disfigured the horses at the stable where he works. Dysart begins to question the basis of what makes a child “normal” as he struggles with his own desire to escape the oppression of societal expectations and to connect with his own desire for passion and purpose.

Spectators will marvel at the costumed cast in 7-inch-tall, custom-made horse “hoofs” and metal horse masks. The actors will tower over the audience and those onstage at a height of nearly 9 feet.

TRTC will open with a preview night for “Equus” at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, followed by a 7:30 p.m. official opening Friday, which will include a complimentary champagne reception.

The production continues through Oct. 13. The full schedule, including special matinee dates, tickets and details are available at http://www.thunder rivertheatre.com or by phone at 970-963-8200.