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‘Energy Confessional’ comes to Aspen Center for Environmental Studies for Earth Day

If You Go …

What: ‘Energy Confessional’ at the City of Aspen and Aspen Center for Environmental Studies Earth Day Celebration

Where: Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Hallam Lake

When: Wednesday, April 19, 5-7 p.m.

How much: Free

More info: The party will include locally sourced snacks from Rock Bottom Ranch, drinks, Earth Day activities, games, prizes and will launch the 2017 Green Drinks season; http://www.aspennature.org

Local architects have designed a place for valley residents to confess their environmental sins.

The architectural installation “The Energy Confessional” will be on-site Wednesday, April 19, at the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies annual Earth Day celebration at Hallam Lake.

The “confessional” is part of the recently launched High Five campaign, a joint effort by the city of Aspen and the Community Office of Resource Efficiency (CORE) calling on people to commit to taking five steps to conserve energy. At the Energy Confessional, participants enter and write down on sticky notes ways that they waste energy.

“You write down your energy wrongs — ‘I drive my car,’ ‘I drink out of plastic bottles,’ ‘I don’t bring sustainability into my work life,’ and put it on a sticky note right on a wall,” said architect Andrea Korber of Carbondale-based Land+Shelter Architects, which designed the Energy Confessional.

Confessors then take High Five pledges to right their errant ways. The sticky notes are left behind, as Korber put it, “as evidence of these energy crimes absolved.”

Conceived as an environmentalist spin on the Catholic confession booth, the Energy Confessional was made by Korber and her team using recycled cardboard and beetle-kill lumber. The pieces come apart easily, and will be re-used as they travel to various High Five events in the months to come. Korber and her team the booths for easy assembly and disassembly — Korber did the first installation in under 45 minutes, and expects the city and CORE staff to get that time down as they get practice from event to event — and fit in the back of a compact SUV like a Ford Escape.

“It was a fun design experiment,” Korber said.

The Energy Confessional installation at ACES is being billed statewide as one of several events celebrating Colorado Architecture Month. Others events include an April 22 Box City event in Colorado Springs — where children design and build an architecturally sound city of cardboard boxes — and the 13th annual Doors Open Denver tour of 70 uniquely designed spaces in the city.


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