At Aspen Art Museum shop ‘KIOSK’ project, everything must go

Staff report

The 90-day “KIOSK” project is underway at the Aspen Art Museum shop, preparing the way for a new museum store conceptualized by the artist Jonathan Berger.

“KIOSK” is a fundraising campaign for the forthcoming artist-driven venture, during which all merchandise in the existing museum shop — books, art, toys, apparel, limited artist editions — will be sold off at large discounts.

Discounts begin at 30% both online and at the museum. Every two weeks, the discount will increase by 10% — culminating with prices of as low as 80% off for the final two weeks until the project ends Nov. 1. A number of items will also be available throughout at 75% off.

“The AAM was faced with a big challenge of what to do with a lot of really great stock that needed to go in order to make space for the new store concept launching this fall,” reads a statement from the museum. “Three months is a good amount of time. As we talked, it became clear that generosity was most important to the team, and hence we came up with what we think is a really decent and fun discount scheme. The hope is that everyone feels good from the change, and the sales fund the next step for the store.”