Aspen Times Weekly Libation: A Weekend of Wine |

Aspen Times Weekly Libation: A Weekend of Wine

by Jeanne McGovern

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As readers of this column know, rarely do we stray our reviews from cocktails and beers. But this week is an exception. With full respect to our talented wine writer Kelly J. Hayes, I had to complement his coverage of all things grape by pointing out that this weekend — Sept. 16 through 18 — may well be the weekend for locals and road-trippers alike to sip, swirl and spit in Colorado. From our very own Snowmass Wine Festival and the renowned Colorado Mountain Wine Fest in the state’s wine-producing mecca of Palisade, to the Breckenridge Wine Classic and Lake City Uncorked Wine and Music Fest, we are surrounding this weekend by events that are sure to be fun, funky and filled with new ways to imbibe. Check it out and be sure and let us know what gems you discovered for a future Gunner’s Libation column.

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