Aspen Art Museum announces ‘Winterfest’ craft sale

Staff report
Veit Laurent Kurz, "Winterfest.," 2020. The exhibition will open at the Aspen Art Museum on Dec. 17.
Courtesy of the artist

The Aspen Art Museum on Thursday announced a new season selling exhibition titled “Winterfest: An Exhibition of Arts and Crafts.”

The exhibition will run from Dec. 17 through Feb. 21.

“Winterfest” will consist of handmade artworks displayed within an exhibition design by the U.S.-based German artist Veit Laurent Kurz based on a configuration of representations of a cabin, mountains, and a lake.

It will feature works by local, national and international artists including Kelly Akashi, Kerstin Brätsch, Beverly Buchanan, Richard Carter, Milano Chow, Beau Dick, Olivia Erlanger, Gina Fischli, Rochelle Goldberg, Jonas Lipps, Soshiro Matsubara, Malcolm Mooney, Brandon Ndife, Erin Jane Nelson, Precious Okoyomon, Silke Otto-Knapp, Giangiacomo Rossetti, Lin May Saeed, Cole Speck, Stefan Tcherepnin and Amelie von Wulffen.

Kurz is known for creating immersive installations which interpret traditional Alpine cabin structures to house artist-curated exhibitions. They have previously been realized in Germany, New York, Switzerland, and Japan.

This type of structure is emblematic of the central European landscape around the Alps, also familiar in Aspen. Taking the natural landscape as inspiration for experimental architecture, Kurz will devise a large-scale installation that will provide the setting for works that fall between arts and crafts by contemporary artists from across the U.S. and Europe.

“Winterfest” takes its cue from the German tradition of jahresgaben — annual selling exhibitions conducted by kunstvereine (member-based art associations throughout Germany). Since the 1800s, these exhibitions have been mounted in Germany to support artists, as well as help fund the institutions’ programs.

“Winterfest” is intended to function as a new economy of collaboration to aid artistic practice financially, the announcement states. As such, all works will be for sale during the exhibition, with profits split between artists and the museum.


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