‘Sip Happens’ on the web

Andrew Travers
The Aspen Times
Sharon and Kevin Brady recording an episode of the podcast "Sip Happens" at the Colorado Mountain College studio in Glenwood Springs.
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When Radio CMC approached Sharon and Kevin Brady about hosting a wine-and-spirits-themed podcast, the couple was excited by the opportunity. But first they had to ask: What’s a podcast?

“I had no idea what a podcast was,” Kevin said with a laugh.

After a quick crash course on digital media, the couple — owners of Cooper Wine and Spirits in Glenwood Springs — got to work on what would become “Sip Happens.” Launched in April, the informal, educational booze podcast has focused primarily on alcoholic history. The Bradys have devoted episodes to the wine’s journey through the millennia — from the Middle East in 6,000 BC to ancient Rome and into the birth of sparkling wine in the middle ages and the invention of the cork. Another looked at Irish whiskey’s rise and fall in popularity through the political and military conflicts of the 20th century.

“It’s forcing me to do a lot of research,” Kevin said. “The last thing we want is to be called out on something.”

They delved into the science of the senses and wine tasting, of how food and wine pairings work and they spent an episode talking to winemaker Matteo Giribaldi about the lineage of Italian wines. The couple is currently putting together a show on the quirky history of gin.

The Bradys drew attention from Colorado Mountain College’s radio programmers through the couple’s free weekly tastings at their shop, which are more educational than promotional. Along with opening a few bottles, they tend to break out visual aids and handout sheets while nerding out on history and explaining the ins and outs of particular wines, beers and spirits to local crowds.

“Our philosophy is that education is empowerment,” Sharon said. “Our customers and listeners are informed. They’re confident enough that if they have a question, they don’t feel silly to ask. And now when they’re in a shop or in the wine country, they have knowledge to give too. It’s a beautiful thing.”

The Bradys aren’t sommeliers or accredited experts. They offer a more populist take on tasting, with insights that come from decades in the wine wholesaling business and dealing with the often intimidated customers in their shop, which opened in 2014. The show is something like a “Car Talk” for drinkers.

“We want to be problem-solvers and consultants,” Kevin said.

“Sip Happens” is available for download at and broadcasts regularly in Aspen (102.7 FM), Basalt (93.1 FM) and Glenwood Springs (93.9 FM).