Road Trip Alert: Indulge yourself at Decadence

William Gross
Special to The Aspen Times
Snails will play Decadence in Denver this New Year's Eve.
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New Year’s Eve is that one time of year that everyone looks forward to and makes plans with their friends and families months ahead of time before the big event.

The girls wear their best dresses and hope to meet the right guy to give a kiss to during the balloon drop. Guys seem to get messed up uncontrollably with no inhibitions. The more sensible couple types go to a friend’s house for cocktails and champagne or go out to a nice dinner.

So what are you doing this New Year’s Eve and what will you be looking for in the New Year to come?

Many of us may not go for the whole resolution thing but one thing everyone loves is a good old-fashioned New Year’s Eve bash where you are able to indulge yourself in extravagant excess and lower your inhibitions to live lavishly with no regrets.

The best place to make this happen this year may be at the 4th annual Decadence NYE at the Colorado Convention Center.

In the last three years Global Dance has been able to turn the Colorado Convention Center into the city of Decadence with their over-the-top art installations, massive stage productions and two explosive main arenas stacked with the top electronic acts from around the world.

This year is no different, except for the fact that the acts couldn’t be any bigger. From arguably the biggest DJ on the planet, Kaskade, to “King of Dub Step” Flux Pavillion, to the legendary Colorado duo that keep it funky, Big Gigantic. There is no genre that can’t be met on this New Year’s Eve.

If you are one of the lucky 50-plus thousand people attending Decadence I am able to give you the quick and skinny on what acts are not to be missed and insights from some of the artists.

Break: Acts not to be missed

Big Gigantic. When I think of electronic music a lot comes to my mind, but one thing I hear the most from non-fans is that all electronic music sounds the same. When I hear this, there is only one electronic duo that I want them to see live and that is Big Gigantic.

Big Gigantic drummer Jeremy Salken defined them as “unique in their own way from funk, jazz influences” and loving how their “music is all over the place.” These guys truly can’t be put in a box like other genres of electronic music.

From their elaborate productions to their funky ballads, these guys are an act that can’t be missed. You truly won’t know what to do because one second it will be a “full on ecstasy rager,” in Dominic Lalli’s words, and a jazz instrumental the next.

Flux Pavillion. Playing his third Decadence, out of the U.K., and one of the biggest names in dubstep, who just finished a new album only a week ago, promises to bring nothing but bangers during his set.

Flux stated that he wants his sound to “give off that California Stonersque rock , blow your brains out on acid, Frank Zappa” style when he steps on stage.

Flux said he is “completely pumped and loving to be back in Denver… Denver gets it and gets what I do.”

So just make sure you don’t miss a second of his set.

Break: Sleepers of the Festival

Snails. Hailing from Montreal and a member of the Kannibalen Record family. He dropped his first tracks in 2012 and has been gaining fans ever since. His style of music can only be defined as forward-thinking dance music combing hip-hop rhytms and dirty bass drops.

This is one artist you want to see before he becomes huge.

Sultan & Ned Shepard. Defined by Beatport as “Kings of the Progressive Scene” and known as some of the hardest working producers in the studio.

They are looking forward to Decadence as a place to be “testing out some new stuff that people have never heard before.”

Break: Artists Picks

Bass Physics: “Illenium, Big Gigantic, Grizmatik, Kaskade.”

Big GIgantic’s Dominic Lalli: “Disclosure DJ Set. Snails is going to be there. Zedd. Both stages are going to be slamming!”

All I know is that I am going to be here and I hope that everyone else from Aspen cruises down with me. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, listen to the homies from Colorado, Big Gigantic, when they say, “We throw one hells of a New Years Eve party and we need all of our Colorado people to be there.”

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