Reporter’s Notebook: Return of the drama queen |

Reporter’s Notebook: Return of the drama queen

The cast of Aspen Community Theatre's "Beauty and the Beast" in its first read-through.
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Well, my friends think I’m crazy, and yes, I just barely have time, but I’m participating in this fall’s Aspen Community Theatre production of “Beauty and the Beast.”

As a former high school thespian and college-level choir member, I have been wanting to participate in community performing arts productions for some time now. I just needed a buddy, so when my Aspen Times co-worker Amy Laha approached me about it, I could think of no reason not to audition.

Amy and I are rounding out the alto section of the ensemble. So far, rehearsals, which are held on the Aspen High School campus, have been a great experience of both joy and déjà vu.

I didn’t realize quite how rusty I was until we did our first run-through of the music. My voice is still warmed up — you can thank shower singing for that, sorry neighbors — but trying to sight-read music seemed like relearning a foreign language when we first cracked open our librettos. But it’s come back to me, as have a lot of other things, and a week into rehearsal, I can say we’re learning our music quickly.

A week in also means we started blocking our first song Tuesday night. For you non-thespians, “blocking” refers to making a plan for where performers and props and sets will go on stage during different scenes. The more people and the more individual actions that they’re taking, the more difficult it is to block. Hence why blocking the show’s opening, the scene when Belle is walking through her village and interacting with all her neighbors, took up two nights of rehearsal this week.

I’m sad to say we also got some bad news Tuesday night: Our Gaston, Emery Major, had a nasty bike accident and is going to need some time to recover. We’re all hoping and praying for your safe return, Emery.

After all, community theater is really about the people involved and the town you do it in. So far I’ve met an amazing, diverse group of people in this cast, who I look forward to getting to know over the course of the fall.

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