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High Points: The Week Between

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Ruben Bolling |

Is it just me, or did this whole week seem kind of like a ’tweener? You know, a week that was sort of between spring and summer but not really either. A week that didn’t really fit into one season or the other but was just — out there.

I think it was the fact that Memorial Day came a little early on the calendar this year. It always seems to me that Memorial Day ought to fall on, like, May 31 ­— and then June and summer begin that weekend. But when it comes on May 25, or sometimes even May 24, I get a little flummoxed. It feels like we should be in June already, with the Mammoth Festival and Food & Wine and Jazz Aspen and the Ideas Festival and the Music Festival and the opening of Anderson Ranch and, well, everything right ’round the corner.

But they all seem a bit down the road still. It’s like we got a 53rd week, albeit a four-day week, thrown in the middle. Not that I am complaining, mind you. It’s just that when I sat down to write this it felt a bit like a Wednesday in June, when it really was a Thursday in May, if you catch my drift. “Befuddlement” is a word that comes to mind.

Of course, I, as I’m sure you did, had a glorious time in my extra week. It all began with the most magical Memorial Day turns that I can remember. From about 9:30 to 11 a.m., the snow atop Aspen Mountain was truly sublime. It was what they call hero snow; each turn felt like it was carved in butter. The temps were just low enough to keep some shape to the slush and just high enough to keep skiers warm, even those in the short shorts favored by many a local lass.

It was bittersweet to end the winter in May. Bitter, just a bit, because it was done but oh so sweet because of the great snow and the great days we had. Jeff Hanle, the Skico guy who keeps track of such things, noted that we had 158 days of lift-served skiing this season, with the last one coming in the legendary “extra” week. I personally caught about one in three of those days, but I can say with certainty that anyone who got the majority — that would be at least 80 days — would be a blessed being.

Anyway, June will spring forth Sunday, and the summer (while not officially here, but we all know it to be true) will begin in earnest. Offseason has been nicely moist, and I don’t think it has been this green around these parts for some time. Get out and enjoy it.

You’ve only got 31 weeks or so left in 2014.

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