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‘Friends’ take stage for JAS education programs

If You Go …

What: Friends of JAS On-Stage at Belly Up

Where: Belly Up Aspen

When: Sunday, July 17, 8:30 p.m.

How much: $50-$500

Tickets: www.jazzaspensnowmass.org

In his previous life as a professional musician, Jazz Aspen Snowmass founder Jim Horowitz started a Washington, D.C., program called “The Shower Singers Workshop.” It was an adult education course who wanted to sing or play music, and it gave them a forum to improve and then perform in public for their friends.

Horowitz compared the range of talent he’d see in the amateurs to a bell curve: “Two would be ringers, two you would want to kill yourself, and the rest in the middle would be great.”

So last year, when a Jazz Aspen patron told Horowitz about a local house party where a jam session broke out and some serious amateur talent emerged, Horowitz decided to bring something like his old “Shower Singers” back for a night in Aspen to showcase some little-seen local talent.

On Sunday night at Belly Up, a lineup of “Friends of JAS” — donors, volunteers, patrons and the like —­ will take the stage in a benefit concert for Jazz Aspen’s music-education programs. Among the 13 performers on the bill are Horowitz and Belly Up owner Michael Goldberg. They’ll be backed by a nine-man house band of local pros, including guitarist Bo Hale, keyboardist Vid Weatherwax, saxophonist Chris Harrison and the JAS 2016 Philanthropic Honoree Chris Bank.

“It’s basically a talent show, but it’s curated,” Horowitz said.


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