Circus Burlesque promises a unique burlesque show experience |

Circus Burlesque promises a unique burlesque show experience

Jeff Bear
Glenwood Springs Post Independent
The Western Slope Burly Girls will saunter onto the Vaudeville Revue Theater stage for an adult only (21+) show tonight.

Glenwood is in for a fun, sexy and hilarious good time when Circus Burlesque, featuring Western Slope Burlesque saunters onto the Vaudeville Revue Theater stage for a rousing good time tonight.

The ages 21-and-up show will include the best traditional parts of a burlesque show — the glitter, sass and sensual dancing — while adding its own special touches.

The circus theme ensures that even those who’ve experienced a burlesque show before will find this show unique — with its emcee, circus music and a variety of circus/side show acts including a ringmaster with three “kitties” she is attempting to train, a bearded lady and a coin-operated “boy.”

Most of the performers will take the stage alone, and will be given the freedom to let their inner power shine by embodying their individuality and freedom of expression — in whatever form and character unfolds per show, according to the group’s website.

The show also will include some local people — called “stage kittens” —who help clear the stage after each act.

In all, the Vaudeville Revue Theater’s stage will hold a dozen burlesque performers from the Western Slope Burley Girls, who are based out of Montrose and perform what they call the Art of Tease.

“In burlesque, you do take clothes off, but it’s not taking them all off,” said Sara Doehrman, who is the show’s director. “We’ve had a performer who only takes one shoe off. But you can still make that sensual and funny. A lot of the acts are very comedic.”

Doehrman teaches a burlesque class in Montrose, and it is from that class that the show gets most of its performers. Burlesque, she said, is really about self-empowerment, expression and bringing community together.

“It’s more of a journey of girls from all different backgrounds coming to do this. And whether it’s to let loose or build self-confidence, we all come together for the same thing.

“It’s very empowering to be able to stand up in front of a group of people and say ‘this is who I am.’”

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