Aspen Chapel opens ‘Beyond Words’

Staff report
"What is a Building?" by Cari Sherman.
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The Aspen Chapel Gallery will open a new exhibition of ceramics, “Beyond Words,” today with a reception running from 5 to 7 p.m.

The show will run through Feb. 7.

Local artists with work in the show include Marry Ballou, Ginny Beasley, Michael Bonds, Lori Dresner, Lisa Ellena, Tammie Lane, Susan Kolbe, Cari Shurman, Jay Phillips and Molly Peacock, who also curated the exhibition.

“The idea came about because I have noticed that many artists are inspired by stories — either historical, personal, political … the sources are really limitless,” Peacock said in a statement. “I thought it would be interesting to have a show that gave artists an opportunity to more consciously express those stories. The title ‘Beyond Words’ just illustrates the idea that the work will be inspired by narrative but is still in the realm of visual language versus actual text. I also thought it would be interesting for people to view the work knowing there’s a story behind it, even if it isn’t obvious what that story is.”

For more information please call gallery directors Tom Ward, 970-925-8367, Carol Loewenstern, 970-925-1919, or the Aspen Chapel at 970-925-7184.