All the world’s a stage — now

Jill Beathard
Snowmass Sun
Aspen Community Theatre thespians practice a woods scene from "Beauty and the Beast" on Tuesday in the Aspen District Theatre. The show opens Nov. 6.
Jill Beathard/Aspen Times |

It’s getting real.

This week we finally began rehearsing for “Beauty and the Beast” on the stage we will perform on at the Aspen District Theatre. Nothing could have made rehearsals feel more like the real deal than being under the lights, facing a hall of seats and actually having a set to work with. The kids were positively giddy when they first walked in — heck, I was too.

After weeks of slowly putting together the blocking for individual scenes, often spending more than one rehearsal on just one song, we are now working through entire acts of the show in one rehearsal. It’s hard to explain the dynamic jump in energy that’s happening now that we are really doing the show in the place we’ll really be performing it.

It’s a little scary at moments too, though, when something’s not even close to perfect and you remind yourself that opening night is two weeks away. But for me at least, the energy and excitement of the show coming together is the best motivation.

Something I really enjoy is watching the scenes I’m not in and realizing what a talented bunch of people I’m surrounded by. The principal actors are really building their characters, to the point where even without costumes I can see them as talking clocks and teapots and loose French candlesticks.

Not only do they impress me, but I rather like these people. Realizing how soon performances are also makes me think what a bummer it will be to not have this play be a part of my day anymore. It’s been such a fun, social, intellectually stimulating activity that has made me forget it’s even offseason.

But before I get too sentimental, we’ve got a show to put on.

Jill Beathard hopes to see you in the seats for one of the eight “Beauty and the Beast” performances that Aspen Community Theatre will put on in November. For more information, visit http://www.aspen