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A ‘party adventure’ and scavenger hunt comes through Aspen

An innovative party, “scavenger hunt where you collect people” and cultural event is coming from Los Angeles to Aspen this weekend.

After a dozen buzzy events in L.A., actor and producer John Pick is bringing his “Snowball Party” to town on Saturday and March 29.

The event — which LA Weekly described as “ingenious” and “a surprisingly low-pressure way to make connections, meet someone, or get to know the city a little better” — begins with multiple groups of two people on a quest, adds two more, and then keeps doubling it until it became a full-fledged party.

Here’s how it works: a select, even number of people will be invited to participate in the 21-and-older evening. The four-hour evening will start with each invitee meeting a pre-assigned partner at a special location (Aspen Psychic, the Aspen Art Museum and Carl’s Pharmacy are listed as possibilities in the event announcement).

Once you’ve paired up, a text message will assign you a task to complete together. Soon, you’ll “snowball” with another nearby pair, and receive instructions for the next unpredictable part of the night. The groups of four will then morph into tight-knit bands of eight. The bands of eight will roam the streets of Aspen, soon snowballing again into packs of 16, then into prowling posses of 32. The impossible-to-predict event will climax at a final destination where the two groups of 32 will join forces for a final party of 64.

There will be live music, there will be food and drink, and, as the announcement puts it: “beautiful randomness will flourish.”

The specific lineup of destinations and activities will remain secret until the night of the event.

Tickets for the event are free. For more information and to register, visit http://www.thesnowballparty.com.

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