Torre commentary: Make policy and prioritize achievable results together |

Torre commentary: Make policy and prioritize achievable results together

Guest commentary

The runoff election for Aspen mayor is underway! Yes, the process requires that you vote again by the April 2 deadline. You can vote by mail using your mail-in ballot (ballot must be received by April 2nd), walk in your ballot, or vote in person at City Hall.

When you do vote, I am asking you to vote for me, Torre, for Aspen mayor. I have served two terms on City Council, and will bring that previous council experience as well as a fresh perspective to the mayor’s office.

I am running for mayor to bring much needed leadership and direction to council and City Hall. I intend to create a council that relies on communication and collaboration to solve problems and achieve an inclusive environment at City Hall that is representative of citizens and respectful of city staff.

I would be extremely honored for my community’s support to work on their behalf. That is what I am campaigning for: to work for you. This is, in many ways, a very public job interview. In the two-year term as mayor, I will, with the help of many, build communication, provide leadership and support follow-through in your City Hall.

I believe in an efficient and focused local government. I am an advocate for both public services and private-sector prosperity. I believe a lot of us can agree on the issues that confront us, together we can make the tough decisions necessary to achieve our common goals. I seek input from anyone and will provide open channels for direct communication with the mayor’s office.

On the issues that we do face, let me pledge my adherence to Aspen’s core principles. My priority will be to set clear expectations and install a new city manager to create a city government based on collaborative problem solving.

During my two-year term, I will support our residential housing partners in Centennial and Burlingame, as well as our other housing partners to strengthen our current program. I will create new housing opportunities ranging from entry-level housing, to family units and options for retiring and aging Aspenites. I will forward our environmental goals with citywide composting and reduction of single-use plastics, and carbon-conscious planning. I will promote pedestrian/bicycle priority, sensible transit programs and roadway improvements.

I have also heard from you that we need to create local business opportunity that serves the community, facilitate sustainable growth, revise building and permitting processes, increase offseason bus service, responsibly review the airport proposal, develop early child care facilities, realize the pedestrian malls’ renovations and fund mental-health services. The list is long, but I will work for Aspen on all these issues, and so much more.

If elected, I look forward to working with my opponent, who has two years remaining on her council term. I have great respect for Ann and her community values. I have specific initiatives to create a council that supports each other, communicates and provides clear direction. Along with the great people who work for the city of Aspen, we will make policy and prioritize achievable results together.

Please participate in this runoff election. Show your support for housing, the environment, new leadership and direction in City Hall. Vote, and vote Torre for Aspen mayor 2019.

Torre’s website is and he can be reached at