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Aspen vulnerable to climate change

Imagine an Aspen without snow. The trees that gave this town its name are going to be reduced to ash because of forest fires. This will be our future if we are not careful. Members of Aspen Country Day School’s class of 2020 were part of a march in Aspen to raise awareness for global warming on Friday. Global warming is a severe threat and according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, “Climate warming can reduce snowfall, cause earlier spring melts and shorter snow cover seasons.”

Aspen is a green city, but that does not protect us from threats like snow loss that could seriously harm Aspen’s economy. When snow levels are inadequate, not only is the skiing less enjoyable for everyone but the chance of forest fires, such as the recent Lake Christine fire, are at a much higher risk of occurring. Snow fills the rivers, supplies the lakes, and if this is lost, droughts and a crumbling economy will ensue. Not only that, but our native animal populations may diminish because of unstable water sources, loss of habitat, and changes in climate.

The Lake Christine fire burnt down three houses and 12,000 acres of forest. The smoke-filled skies were aftermath of a low snow season. If you care about your planet, visit https://globalclimatestrike.net.

Angel Zimmerman, Ben Clark, Cassia Bone, Ethan Bloom, Lucy Ingram

Eighth grade, Aspen Country Day

Hickenlooper will change gun laws

According to Insider magazine, there have been 289 mass shootings in the U.S. so far in 2019. As students at Aspen Country Day School, we’re lucky but still scared for our safety. Forty thousand people died in 2018 from guns and suicide alone. There have been roughly 230 school shootings since Columbine.

We go to the private school in Aspen that consists of some of the most privileged kids in the state, but we still have the fear of being killed. Every morning we get on the bus with a little bit of fear in the back of our heads about when the next shooting will be. We ask ourselves, are we next? If the kids that live in one of the safest towns in America are scared, think about how kids in huge public schools feel. Everywhere we go we look for an exit just in case. We must make this one of our main priorities. Have you ever thought about how the children of America feel?

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has made gun control and gun laws his main focus. If we elect John Hickenlooper to Senate, changes will be made. We must change, and we must change now. Children are dying, lives are being lost — how much more can America take? Visit https://www.hickenlooper.com/ for more information.

Siri O’Connell, Stewart Corona, Claire Bradshaw, Bode McDowell, Shelby Grueter

Eighth grade, Aspen Country Day

We must curb climate change

The feeling that your house could burn down right before your eyes is a horrendous feeling. The fire that happened in Basalt was terrible, and it can’t happen again. Although Aspen is ahead of the game with providing green options, we need more awareness of this topic in other places.

Greenhouse gases are one of the many bad side effects of global warming. One of the main causes of this is carbon dioxide, as carbon dioxide emissions in America have gone up by almost 1,000 million tons since 1990. Another problem is shorter winters. Considering Aspen is tourism based, when snow decreases, so does Aspen’s economy.

As Scott Condon states in his February 23, 2018, Aspen Times Article, “Skiers and snowboarders are seeing climate change happen right before our eyes in the mountains as winter seasons shorten and snow lines rise.” However, winter is not the only season being affected. The amount of fires around the world is becoming increasingly problematic. The fire in Basalt was catastrophic and it spread because of climate change. If we don’t curb climate change, there will be many more fires just like it and worse. These examples serve as we move into a warmer, and in some places drier future.

Taylor Lewis Gemma Baker, Stella Scanlan, Avery Shook, EJ Becker, Jay Zimmerman, Duncan Shaw

Eighth grade, Aspen Country Day

Aspen Country Day eighth-graders advocate gun control

Imagine 163% of Aspen’s population dying of gunshot wounds this year alone.

According to https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/, 10,448 gun-related deaths have occurred in the United States thus far in 2019. If people were dying every day in Aspen, the community would not stand for it, so we should act like our lives are in danger. A vote for Sen. Cory Gardner may as well be loading a gun for the next shooting.

Every day we debate political decisions, like taxes and education — these are important, but not life or death. This debate is life or death.

John Hickenlooper and Parkland survivors have similar ideas about ways to prevent mass shootings. These ideas include in-depth background checks, raising the minimum age to legally buy and own a gun, encouraging extreme risk protection, and banning all assault weapons.

As students from Aspen Country Day School, we believe that there should be more restrictive laws regarding guns and obtaining a gun should be an extremely extensive process, including an in-depth background check. School shootings affect us because, despite where we live, we still worry about a potential school shooting. Children and their families should not be scared to send their children to school knowing they might not come home. Therefore, consider who you vote for and where they stand on important issues such as gun laws. The next gun used to shoot a student may not yet be purchased by the shooter, and you can do your part to stop them.

Elle Eggleston, Amelia Hecht, Leo Helzberg, Jared Hurst, Max Marshall, Sawyer Mclernon, Peyton Thomas and Clea Welden

Eighth grade, Aspen Country Day

More gun restrictions, less hate

Mass killings! Mass killings! Have we had enough? I hope so.

What has to be done is anyone with a gun must reapply to continue to own a single-shot rifle. No handguns or multi-firing guns without a local police permit. Police should be able to order, at the generous expense, a metal review to clear them for ownership.

This idea doesn’t challenge the 2nd Amendment. It would only permit some people to own guns.

Enough killings. Also, Trump should stop stoking hate.

Dr. Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village

Aspen streets are pedestrian unfriendly

Aspen traffic rules are just plain inhospitable to local drivers. And what about those pedestrians thoughtlessly crossing Main Street at Mill and at Monarch, brazenly distracting drivers running red lights at those intersections?

Drivers routinely speeding on Main Street shouldn’t have to be disturbed by pedestrians or traffic lights. I say remove the traffic lights and ban pedestrians. A fringe benefit: We can reassign the police officers from their duty of not patrolling those intersections to not patrolling somewhere else.

Maurice Emmer


Summing up Trump

To those of you having trouble understanding the inner workings(?) of the mind of Trump, picture the following;

A 5-year-old enfant terrible, having discovered what he can do to ants and other bugs with a magnifying glass and the sun, sits in his yard doing his thing for the 442nd time while braying at the top of his lungs “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!”

(The ament never keeps people awake at night because he can’t figure out why his malevolent stunt doesn’t work with moonlight.)

That’s it. That’s all you need.

Alan Waters


GOP is MIA in local, Aspen politics

Perhaps Carl Heck, Maurice Emmer, Glenn Beaton or some active savvy Pitkin County Republicans explain to local voters, Coloradans and America why over 99% of Pitkin County Republicans fail to attend and participate in government meetings in Aspen, Snowmass Village, and Pitkin County?

Also answer these two questions:

1. Why would Pitkin County Republicans be considered the invisible minority in the Democrat Party-ruled Pitkin County establishment?

2. Who are the frequent visibly recognized active Republicans attending and participating in government meetings in Pitkin County, Snowmass Village and Aspen?

Don’t be afraid to openly answer and discuss these three easy questions about the nearly nihil Republican involvement in Snowmass Village, Pitkin County, and Aspen’s governmental affairs and concerns.

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, California

The roots of 9/11

The coverage of 9/11 brought into focus who the mainstream media and Federal Reserve consortium serve. It appears 9/11 was manufactured by some international consortium members to use our military for their agendas. Travel back to 1945 to understand that consortium.

Near the conclusion of World War II, along with the partition of the conquered lands, only a small group of the world’s deep state members must have understood the absurd power vested with the foreign-owned Federal Reserve as the U.S. dollar became world reserve currency. That ended U.S. independent sovereignty. A consortium of blended international banking, military and corporate interests was formed and would secretly pull America’s strings from then on.

The Federal Reserve/Treasury part of the consortium promised to keep the dollar equal to 1/35 of an ounce of gold. Instead they expanded the currency supply way beyond. Mortgages greatly expanded debt. In French, “mortgage” means death contract, which many homeowners caught in foreclosures have learned is an accurate description.

In 1971, President Richard Nixon was forced to admit the U.S. had been taken off the gold standard. The dollar was destabilized and gold price shot up by 15 times over the next 10 years revealing way more fiat money was created between 1945 and 1971 than promised. That great excess of monetary expansion provided the inner banking-related consortium a choke hold over America and the world.

A monetary stabilization technique was invented by Nixon’s invented petrol dollar where U.S. military was employed to prop up the dollar. 9/11 appears to be a consortium staged event to provide the justification to expand U.S. military usage. The succession of destruction/profit and control taking across the Middle East thereafter is historic. Mainstream promotes some U.S. “allies” who are very, very, very expensive associates.

America needs to win back independence.

Mark Kwiecienski


Why hate on alternative energy?

Is it possible for some of our right wing or libertarian neighbors in the valley to explain why they dislike solar power, windmill power, electric cars, hybrid cars and for some strange reason Toyota Priuses? I’m also confused about how hydroelectric dams are rarely if ever mentioned.

Miles Knudson

Aspen Village