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Beaton shows hypocrisy in latest Aspen Times column

Glenn Beaton's column Sunday — "Are we all chavinstas now?", The Aspen Times — raises an interesting question regarding the dichotomy between liberals and conservatives as regards to the economy.

As is always the case, Beaton makes his arguments for the conservative cause. In this case he picks the perfect target: Venezuela. Venezuela pushed socialistic approaches to the economy from the time Hugo Chavez was inaugurated in 1999. However, in recent years, I would argue the experiment of socialism has been replaced by a kleptocracy.

It is the beginning of his column, though, that I find hysterical. Summarizing the simplistic view of Keynes he writes, "Lower taxes, higher government spending and lower interest rates stimulate the economy, at least for a while." I think he sees this as the liberal approach to the economy.

So let me ask a couple of questions.

Which Congress passed the largest unfunded tax cut in American history? The answer is, of course, the Republican Congress that was soundly defeated in November.

Which Congress passed a budget with the largest deficit in American history? The answer is the same.

As a good Keynesian economist (with a PhD from the other university in Cambridge, Massachusetts), I deplore the ignorant ad hominem directed at Keynes by those hypocrites like Beaton who assert their beliefs in conservative values but fail to practice them.

Philip Verleger


Thanks for paving paradise

Congratulations, Ace Lane, you now have permission from Eagle County to destroy what little we had left in the mid-valley of the small-town, rural atmosphere most us live here for.

I had to laugh at your comment when you stated what a positive your mega development would be for the community.

If overpopulation, pollution, destruction of animal habitat and major congestion are your idea of a benefit for the community, then maybe you should be nominated for citizen of the year.

I think I'll buy a huge billboard on Highway 82 when your monstrosity at the Tree Farm is completed. I'll say. "This daily traffic jam brought to you by Eagle County Commissioners Jill Ryan, Jeanne McQuenney, and greedy land developer Ace Lane." I'll make sure I include all your phone numbers so we can all thank you personally.

Tom O'Keefe

Middle Roaring Fork Valley

Meet Mullins every Wednesday

Ann Mullins is running for mayor. She will sit on the bench across from North Face, on the Cooper Street mall, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. every Wednesday until the March election.

Put her web link on your phone — http://www.annforaspen.com. It's only two pages with lots of white space. It has concise lists of her professional experience and her history of civic involvement.

Read it on your way from your office to her bench. You can expect illuminating replies to many questions.

David Bentley


Chem trails aren’t a conspiracy

It's 8:41 on Thursday morning. There are three chemtrails, now acknowledged as solar radiation management or geoengineering, stretching from east to west. They are growing wider, joining and forming a thin overcast. There are only three, while multiple jets with normal contrails buzz to and fro. Once again, deep blue Colorado sky morphed into gray haze.

Since global warming is perceived by many as an imminent threat to civilization, it is dangerously naive to believe governments and those who control governments are going to sit back and simply let it all play out. Let's not forget the military. Some genius realized that whoever controls the weather controls the battlefield. A battlefield they insist is worldwide.

Research deeper than Wikipedia (Chemtrails are a conspiracy theory!) or the MSM (Chemtrails are a conspiracy theory!) reveals ample evidence that particles of metals which reflect sunlight have been injected into our atmosphere for decades in an attempt to control global warming and weather systems. The effects of spraying massive amounts of aluminum into our environment are becoming too apparent to ignore.

The Northwest is the epicenter of both spraying and awareness of spraying. Aluminum and barium in the soil have dramatically increased way past acceptable levels and folks are catching on. There are whistleblowers, experts, obviously polluted skies, soil samples, sick people, dying plants, raging fires (tiny particles of aluminum are combustible, firefighters have never experienced such intensity) and very concerned citizens pleading to be heard all over the internet.

Meanwhile, Alzheimer's disease which is linked to an accumulation of aluminum in the brain, also has increased dramatically, with no officially recognized cause.

Will Kesler


Close encounters in Aspen

The funeral of George H.W. Bush was sad, but there were some funny moments. He was eulogized by both Jim Baker and Sen. Alan Simpson. I worked at the Aspen Meadows for many years. I've seen them both in action.

One evening there was a cocktail party in the Bandar bin Sultan building. This was before the conference center was finished. Baker was leaving early. I opened the door for him. He hesitated. Then he proclaimed in a loud voice, "Tomorrow I'm going to Africa, I hope to shoot a Cape buffalo." You could hear 90 people inhale deeply.

Late one afternoon I was driving Ben Bradley and Sen. Simpson back to the Meadows from downtown. It was rush hour and cars were backed up to the Jerome. I took Bleeker Street to avoid the gridlock.

Bradley whined, "Why are we poking along on this side street?" I stopped at Bleeker and Fourth streets. I pointed to the situation on Main Street. Sen. Simpson said, "Verne knows what he is doing. Let's get back to our conversation about you and Jackie."

Verne Gurholt


Trump’s trash talk

It is amazing how quiet some Republicans are when Donald Trump talks B.S. about people like James Comey. When B.S. comes out of Trump against Robert Mueller. When spur bones cadet Trump talks B.S. about John McCain.

All three of those guys are or were Republicans. All three of those guys worked to make this country great. Two of them served in the military.

Meanwhile, Trump has been working against the U.S. government for only two years. Only two more to go and the next person is going to have to reverse all of his incompetence, damage and disasters.

I do give Trump credit for not getting us into another full-blown war. I also give John Kelly and the Pentagon credit for babysitting as well.

Miles Knudson

Aspen Village

There’s no place like Gwyn’s

We have been coming to Snowmass regularly since 1980. Gwyn's restaurant has been an integral part of our experience here. My wife and I have skied all over the country and have never found a restaurant to equal Gwyn's in a ski area. It is part of the fabric of Snowmass, and I would hate to see it leave!

David A. DiCicco

Del Mar, California

Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (Jan. 13, 2019)

A community with a strong backbone

I moved to Aspen in 2004 and realized right away that it was a truly unique place. There are undeniably pros and cons of living in an area as special as this valley. With this letter I'd like to thank a few entities and individuals for contributing to those pros.

I am recovering from a backcountry accident that shattered bones in my heel and spine in September. The selfless assistance that I've experienced since that morning have moved me deeply and solidified my perception of this community as a place with an incredible sense of support.

My first thank-you goes out to the incredible men and women of Aspen Mountain Rescue. To have a group of highly qualified professional volunteers who were able to organize and provide the quality of rescue support, with the speed that they did, was absolutely exceptional. I think this is something all of us who take our pleasure in the incredible beauty of this valley's wild natural surroundings should appreciate on a very deep level.

This is a group of women and men who are literally putting their lives on the line to help others and save lives when the call comes in, anytime, any day. I can't imagine a more apt definition of hero than the outstanding people involved in Aspen Mountain Rescue.

I'd also like to thank the folks at Builders First Source at the Aspen Business Center who arranged for lumber to be generously donated for an access ramp to my home. With the help of local contractor David Franklin and a few volunteers, I was amazed that I could roll into my house after my six days in the hospital on a newly built ramp.

I also was very impressed and extremely grateful that Dennis Murray with the city of Aspen and Brian Pawl with Pitkin County were able to help expedite a building permit for this temporary ramp to be completed within compliance before I got home. I mean, people speeding the wheels of bureaucracy to help an injured member of their community — that's a beautiful thing, Aspen!

The outpouring of help from my friends and neighbors who assisted with things ranging from loaning me crutches and shower benches, to delivering prepared meals and helping around the house was truly moving. Although these things are something anyone blessed enough to have quality friends might be able to experience, I honestly believe there's something special about this valley's particular citizenry that helps us see the benefit of coming together to help others. I think this might just be one of the most incredible aspects of life here in the Roaring Fork Valley, and that's no short list!

Again, thanks to all those listed here, and to all the others in this valley who have in the past and continue to lend a hand to others in the future. We're all blessed to live in a community with a strong enough backbone to extend that big helping hand to get our neighbors back up if they fall down.

Guy Fulfer

Woody Creek

Get involved in robotics

Happy new year! If you are looking for an exciting opportunity to meet talented young people from the Western Slope region, consider volunteering at a Colorado FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics tournament. Without volunteers, FIRST could not exist and the many students attending our events would miss the opportunity to problem solve and showcase their robots for the Rover Ruckus season.

These FTC qualifiers will determine which teams receive an invitation to compete at the Colorado FTC State Championship on Feb. 9. Your role is crucial and we sincerely appreciate the time you give as a volunteer to make these tournaments possible. We are looking for judges and a variety of support positions throughout the day.

We would love to have you on our team of volunteers for the Western Slope FTC Qualifier at Glenwood Springs High School in Glenwood Springs on Saturday. We want anyone who might enjoy one of these exciting days where they are impressed by the creativity and engineering attempts of our young people in Colorado.

Please take a minute to watch the video at the following website: http://www.firstinspires.org/node/3616. This will give you a small taste of the challenge the students have worked on during the past months and the type of event you will be a part of. I know you will have a great time as a volunteer. Volunteers get an official tournament shirt and we will make sure you are fed well throughout the day!

First step for all volunteers is signing up in the VIMS: If this is your first time as a volunteer, go to the following address and click on the "sign up" button in the upper right-hand corner of the page: http://www.firstinspires.org.

You also can contact chanson@aspenk12.net or mjensson@rfschools.com for more information.

Help support these young engineers!

Caroline Hanson

Aspen School District

Great people during tough times

On Dec. 20, I had the misfortune of getting run into on the ski slope and ended up with eight fractures and dislocations to my foot. Needless to say, a life-changing event in a split second.

I want to reach out to thank so many — from the Snowmass ski instructors who stopped to see if I was OK, to the incredible ski patroller who took me down in the rig, at a speed to challenge Lindsey Vonn, and handing me off to the smiling and helpful care at Snowmass Medical Clinic; to the ambulance ride no one cares to encounter but had wonderful care and conversation … to be whisked to the ER at Aspen Valley Hospital where I was greeted by someone I actually know and trust.

Having lived in the Roaring Fork Valley since the early 1980s, I am no stranger to AVH and gave birth to my children there watching deer graze out the window under the aspen trees. However, not all visits were as positive as the maternity ward in the past years, and I must admit I was at first a bit resistant to be headed there on this ambulance ride.

My next hours were crucial to my future and quality of life going forward. The incredible care, attitude, communication and professionalism the doctors, nurses, PTs and techs who took me on, changed my opinion full circle. I feel so fortunate to have had some of the most amazing doctors and team of caregivers I have ever had. I can not thank you all enough for all you did for my incredible care. It is so nice to have the good fortune of having such a amazing hospital in our valley available to all of us. Thank you also to the Snowmass Police for your help and support, as well as the phone calls from Snowmass Ski Patrol. None have been forgotten and are deeply appreciated.

Thank you to all the friends who have reached out with their smiles, laughter, food and positive energy and to, of course, my amazing husband who has been my rock, support and caregiver throughout. I feel so fortunate to not only live among these amazing mountains, but also to share and live among them with some pretty amazing people.

Lisa Brunson


Mullins too vulnerable to be next mayor of Aspen

The field of mayoral candidates in Aspen is typically lackluster. But one candidate has distinguished herself as even more unfit than the others.

Ann Mullins proudly announced in the Aspen Daily News on Jan. 9 that she opposed asking for the city manager's resignation. She thought it was too hasty. That's right. Nineteen years of the city manager's unforced errors and refusals to accept responsibility for them isn't enough time to decide he had to go?

It took council members Adam Frisch and Ward Hauenstein years too long to act on replacing the city manager. But at least they finally came around. With any judgment at all, Ann should have leaped at the gift the other three (including Bert) were handing her. But no. Ann was the proverbial deer in the headlights — couldn't make the hard but necessary decision. Breathtaking incompetence. Even worse: She's proud of it.

Remember that Ann is the current council member who was supposed to care take the city's investment in the Red Brick while the former director allegedly embezzled $160,000 from right under her nose. If Ann is elected mayor, who knows what the next city manager will put over on her.

Maurice Emmer


Let’s make a deal with the deal-maker in chief

It's time for the Dems to make a border wall deal with the functional illiterate who didn't write "The Art of the Deal."

We'll go ahead and build his incredibly ignorant, morally reprehensible, racially motivated, ultimately ineffective, and extravagantly expensive wall along our southern border in exchange for a comprehensive Dream Act, sweeping immigration reform giving all undocumented immigrants an achievable and expeditious path to citizenship, a welcome mat for those who only want to work and contribute to our society, and asylum for those who are fleeing intolerable violence.

We've already mortgaged our grandchildren's future with a $1.3 trillion deficit. What's another $5.7 billion?

Of course, the nationalistisch in the White House will never go for this, but at least then it'll be clear who's responsible for the government shutdown.

Fred Malo Jr.