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The Drop-In: T-Rex Takeover

T-rex invasion at Buttermilk today! Check it out in today’s Drop-In takeover!

The Drop-In: Sheer Bliss Pow

The Sheer Bliss lift at Snowmass lived up to its name today for this episode of The Drop-In. Though it was a windy and brutal ride up, the ride down through the 4″ of reported powder and added morning snow more than made up for it. Check out today’s video yourself!

The Drop-In: Snowmass Ski Patrol Dogs

There are some furry critters on the mountain that work hard at keeping us safe! Check out these Snowmass Ski Patrol dogs in this episode of the Drop-In having some fun while training with some Basalt 3rd graders!

Drop-In Update: Winter is still with us

March Madness in so many ways! We’ve been getting all sorts of weather this spring! Anna Stonehouse checks out the 5″ of fresh powder on Aspen Mountain with her coworker Ben. Winter is still with us but see for yourself in today’s Drop-In!

The Drop-In: Sunny at Snowmass

Drop-In host Anna Stonehouse heads over to Snowmass to check out snow conditions. She takes a lap over on Campground then finds a fun run through the woods with hidden treasures. See for yourself in today’s Drop-In!

The Drop In: Shining Stars Takeover

Kids allowed to feel like kids as a couple of them from the Shining Stars Foundation takeover today’s Drop-In at Buttermilk. See these kiddos rip around the mountain today having never skied or snowboarded before this week! Don’t miss their Olympics on Buttermilk tomorrow morning!

T-Minus 1 Day for the Drop-In Party!

Oh boy, 1 more day until our Drop-In party at Buckhorn tomorrow on Aspen Mountain!!!! Check out today’s video and see some of the great product we’ll have out there! Can’t wait to see you all there and fingers crossed we all get some pow laps for our party day! Party from 11:00-2:00 with raffle times announced in the video!

Drop-In…..To Our Party!

We don’t want you to miss it! We’re hosting a Drop-In party this Saturday, February 10th at Buckhorn Cabin on Aspen Mountain. Max Vadnais​ takes over today’s Drop-In and shows you the way to ski to Buckhorn if you don’t already know. Several sponsors are helping us out at the party but make sure to check out today’s video to see what’s happening!

AVSC Big Mountain Drop-In Takeover

You know who’s still getting after it even with this lack of snow? Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club Big Mountain skiers, that’s who! Check out this takeover from today’s Drop-In. They hike Highland Bowl and get tricky out there for you guys but see for yourself!

No Bowl for us today

No Highland Bowl for us today unfortunately so hopefully some of you got in there once they opened it up! Enjoy this Drop-In at Aspen Highlands anyways though! A couple of rocks to dodge but our coworker Ben has some fun out there today for you!