Aspen Valley Hospital wins national awards |

Aspen Valley Hospital wins national awards

AVH nurses Chrissy Nye (left) and Becky Headden celebrate the announcement of AVH’s numerous excellence awards.

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Deborah Breen, President & CEO Aspen Valley Hospital Foundation

When it comes to quality care, the attention is in the details. At Aspen Valley Hospital, (AVH), clinical and non-clinical staff are committed to programs and processes that focus on areas where even small changes can have an impact on the overall delivery of safe, effective, compassionate and quality care for our patients. Staff meets regularly to review areas for improvement, often through the lens of the patient.

With quality care a driving force, two years ago a grassroots initiative titled: “Project MATCH” (Making Aspen the Choice Hospital), was implemented by employees with the full support of the entire management team and board of directors. The project focused on service excellence and overall quality.

Recently, 73 hospitals from 25 states and two countries were represented at an annual Health Care Service Excellence Conference, where AVH earned top awards, including eight “Breakthrough” awards for improvements in overall patient satisfaction. AVH also earned the highest honor given at the conference, the Summit Award, for being the “Hospital of Choice.” In total, AVH received 18 national awards for the ongoing commitment to excellent service.

In addition to the overall organizational awards, AVH was very proud that several individual employees were honored with awards. Over a dozen employees were recognized for their personal dedication to patient quality and satisfaction through their efforts with Project MATCH that “embody the very ‘Best of the Best’ in service excellence.” Being recognized with these awards clearly demonstrates the across-the-board commitment to each and every patient who seeks care at AVH.

Last, but certainly not least, the hospital received a 5-Star Certificate of Achievement Award for high patient satisfaction scores on their experience at the hospital and how well AVH creates a culture of engagement.

“When we started with the bar set very high in terms of patient satisfaction scores, we knew that it would be extremely difficult to move the needle,” said Lori Maloy, RN, and newly appointed interim chief clinical officer at AVH. “These awards validate our commitment to our patients and we are very proud of the work we’ve done. We know how much of our efforts are focused on putting the patient first. Knowing that the difference we are making in so many lives is having an impact is always the best reward we can receive. Although, learning how highly regarded AVH is across the country is certainly validating. We truly work in a world-class organization.”