Aspen Valley Hospital staff reinvigorated by mill levy support |

Aspen Valley Hospital staff reinvigorated by mill levy support

The entire Aspen Valley Hospital family shows grateful appreciation to the community for the incredible support and overwhelming approval of the mill levy. The mill levy provides vital funding to AVH as it supports operational expenses such as medical supplies, salaries, benefits, physician recruitment, program development and continued training and education.

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Deborah Breen, President & CEO Aspen Valley Hospital Foundation

One week ago, something truly extraordinary happened: the community overwhelmingly supported the renewal of the hospital’s mill levy. I would be remiss in this article if I did not thank the thousands of community members who came out in full force to ensure healthcare services remained fully intact in Aspen. At no time in history can anyone remember such a strong voter outcome in favor of AVH. As I sat back and pondered that thought, I immediately linked that show of support to the quality; life-saving care Aspen Valley Hospital provides each and every day — as it has now for nearly 125 years.

Knowing the community recognizes and supports the hospital’s efforts has been truly inspiring. This positive reaction filled everyone with enormous pride. The boards of directors of the hospital and foundation, the administration, the medical staff and each and every employee who dedicates themselves to this organization shares in my heartfelt gratitude. It made all of us stand a little taller the morning after the election, knowing that our collective efforts had not gone unnoticed. That strong vote of confidence has also reinvigorated each of us to build upon what is already great care, and look for ways to make it even better.

Over the past year, I have been using this column as a vehicle to communicate the significant progress underway at Aspen Valley Hospital. We have given continued updates on the construction project and have also linked that project to the driving force behind it: community need. We have highlighted many clinical services and have demonstrated how AVH can expand and enhance those services as they are relocated to new space that best supports safe and efficient patient care and meets our savvy healthcare consumers’ expectations. Quality has also been a common thread throughout these articles — simply moving into new space means nothing if we are not providing exceptional care within that space. The high marks we have been receiving with multiple awards and accolades for clinical quality have clearly demonstrated that commitment. All of these points are critical. Ensuring the community supports and understands the need for new facilities is imperative to our continued forward momentum.

This is a great moment in time for Aspen Valley Hospital on multiple fronts. We cannot thank our community enough for its tremendous show of support!

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