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X Games crowds growing rowdier

Chad Abraham

Aspen police say it would have been possible to open a liquor store with all the discarded booze outside the Damien “Jr. Gong” Marley show at Wagner Park Saturday.

All in all, the X Games wildness over the weekend continued to grow in its fifth year in Aspen compared to past years. More than 20 people were arrested or given citations around town Saturday night.

“There’s definitely been more crime than last year,” said Ian MacAyeal, assistant patrol supervisor at the Aspen Police Department. “A lot of underage drinking, a lot of property calls, things being broken.”

The crowd for the Marley concert likely matched the 10,000 or so at last year’s Roots show, MacAyeal said.

“A lot of officers were surprised at how many [people] there were” at Saturday night’s show, he said. “The whole park was just full.” It was a sharp contrast to Friday night’s entertainment disaster at the park, where retro-rock band Louis XIV and an opening act drew about 200 people. The opener, Juliette and the Licks, were pelted with snowballs.

There were multiple arrests for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest Saturday, including one man who was thrown out of Bruno’s restaurant in downtown Aspen.

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He was then “standing outside yelling and screaming at everyone walking by and challenging people to fight,” MacAyeal said. “Once we showed up, he basically started fighting with us right away.”

The intoxicated suspect spent six hours in a restraint chair at the jail.

Despite warnings, many teens and young adults tried to bring alcohol into the park for the concert. Several people were treated at a police detox site, and two people were hospitalized in alcohol-induced states.

Police also had to roust several people who were sleeping in their cars in the Rio Grande parking garage.

“It’s been a lot of underage kids drinking,” MacAyeal said. “And most of the kids we’re dealing with are from Boulder, Fort Collins, Durango, Gunnison, all college towns.”

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