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Vox Populi

What is your biggest phobia?Fred BjornsonCedar Rapids, IowaPeople who ask me questions.Herb NewmanAspenThe masthead on the Aspen Daily News: If you dont want it printed, dont let it happen. Does that mean if I take a crap, you have to report it?Becca RaganWoody CreekSnakes, although I used to like them when I was a kid. Maybe I dated too many of them. Luckily, Im married to an amazing man now.Tyler BakerAspenKnives and sharp edges. I think after many years of slitting my hands, Im not that excited about holding blades.Ralph GunningEl JebelSpiders I just dont like them. Theyre creepy, and Im not afraid of anything else.Michele OBrienChicagoBad weather, like thunderstorms. In the Midwest we get terrible thunderstorms.Hunter GottschOmaha, Neb.Darkness because its just dark.

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