Tweet all about it: It’s gonna be sick |

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Tweet all about it: It’s gonna be sick

ASPEN – Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and publish them in their unedited form on Sunday.

Here’s what we found this week:

• “Its a steamy 8 degrees in Aspen today I probably won’t die of hypothermia with conditions like that.” – @Little_Regg_ie

• “Think I need to get out more. Just got a big email from Aspen announcing bands for free concert series and I don’t recognize any of them.” – @Jenn_Rudolph

• “X games so soon! Aspen is gonna be sick!” – @jLambo541

• Aspen bound I’m bout to smoke so much” – @slimthugga

• “After watching Dumb and Dumber I am now even more excited to go to Aspen in 4 days!!! How have I never seen this before?” – @sasher7

• “My nurse just told me I was very pretty and looked liked I belonged on the slopes in Aspen” – @Valley_Hood

• “One of the perks of working at a cafe in aspen: served coffee to Orlando Bloom today” – @kinseylux44

• “The way I was jumping the ramps and grinding the rails I might get invited to Aspen for the winter X-Games” – @Bog_Nemanja

• “We are so excited to be named Business of the Year today for Non Profits in Aspen and the Valley we could just SING!” – @TheatreAspen

• “X-Games is being held in Aspen this year. California is beautiful.” – @officialTGAL

• “It is sad when you have to leave an awesome place, a paradise like Aspen to go back in Kansas and start school!!! :(” – @JoaKing8

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