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Tweet All About It: High on celebs

Each week we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and display them on Sunday's page A2.

• "7 hours from Aspen to Denver….I'm ready to get baked" — @RastaShaolin

• "SO excited to wear my nye dress! Sike. I'll be in 6 sweaters and 3 pairs of pants + beanies…but I am still in Aspen, so I still win." — @Ann_MarieBiggin

• "In aspen I hope I see @MariahCarey walking down Main St in a bathing suit. I will see this as a harbinger/portent of the apocalypse." — @thelittleidiot

• "Bye Aspen! Taking off to Las Vegas!" — @ParisHilton

• "The Kardashians are in Aspen…" — @HoneyBey_23

• "There's something undeniably pretentious about a person who names their child, 'Aspen'." — @keldemps

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