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Tweet all about it: Aspen goes deep

ASPEN – Each week, we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets (at least those that are printable) about Aspen and publish them on Sunday.

Here’s what we found – in their unedited form – last week:

• “Randomly passing people on the streets in Aspen who are lighting up blunts like its no big deal. It’s not THAT legal people.” – @sasher7

• “Lets say lance loses half his estimated $100-120mm fortune. Worst outcome? He flies commercial between aspen, Iona and Austin.” – @Smadden1

• “I sat next to Lance Armstrong at the Belly Up Aspen once. I was using concert enhancing booze.” – @rande

• “Aspen bound with this powder shredder. Gonna see my Colo-born uncles and do a yard sale on a green circle” – @TheBrockJohnson

• “I think it is hilarious that I am listening to people talk about ghetto bars in aspen. Really? Ghetto bars in ASPEN.” – @JasonBacke

• “Save the date : Jan 24 . Aspen . X Games . Party . You’ve been warned . BEWARE” – @JESSEMANE_ISV

• “What did copper mountain say to aspen?? How has your ass been!” – @madisongolddenn

• “Front row Drew Carey. Gay Ski Week in Aspen so crowd…stacked. One guy seriously looks like the incredible hulk….” – @CrNicJ

• “X Games, Aspen. Gonna be crazy” – @tweeder_27

• “This beauty queen ski instructor never met a ski lift not sturdy enough for deceit and sex. ASPEN FOR TROUBLE, coming this fall to CBS.” – @JohnJFrusciante

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