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Time to unionize

Dear Editor:

Why a union is relevant: Ski school bans instructor. Aspen Skiing Co. owns more that just the mountains (which they lease from the taxpayers). They own housing, hotels, etc. My point is that when a union is present an employee has an avenue to address concerns without retaliation.

While Skico is on its way to owning most of Aspen in the future what will you all do?

Let’s see some of the beginning in the last year: Singer sings a song they don’t like, fired. Paper they don’t care for? Removed from “their” property. Instructor speaks up … you got it, suspended with pay. What a laugh if that was not the issue at hand this time.

It all smells of Chicago-style bully tactics. Crush the opposition, send out your cronies to defame them. Control as much of the city as you can so too many count on your company for their livelihood so they won’t dare to stand up and question what they think could be a fair issue.

What would be an easy resolution would be to re-instate Mulcahy, agree to look into the pay issue raised and move on … kinda like the rehire of the singer or re-acceptance of the “other paper.”

If not, I would think this issue is not going away anytime soon, which is not good for Skico nor the employees.

Danny Miller