Think twice about allowing dogs |

Think twice about allowing dogs

Dear Editor:

Residents of Burlingame might want to take a walk through the apartment complex where I live before they vote. We now have dogs, so the vacancy rate has improved as a result.

We have a policy that dogs must be leashed. I love dogs. I do not love that I cannot walk from my house to my car without walking in yellow pee. I do not love the piles of poop on the lawn and sidewalk outside my door.

I feel sorry for the big dog who lives above me in a little apartment when I hear him whining as he runs back and forth waiting for his master to come home and let him out to pee (on the sidewalk). I do not love the endless calling and whistling for dogs at midnight and 3 a.m. – it must be a long leash if they have to whistle for them.

Signed, dog lover.

Carolyn Jemison

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