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Shunned by the Winter X Games

Dear Editor:

It’s a quiet Friday night at my house, and I decide to catch a little X Games action online because I don’t have cable.

Hey, I’ll check out that cool live stream they have. I go to ESPN’s X Games site that Lord knows how many people are putting their hard work into this weekend. A message comes up and tells me that X Games live stream has been blacked out in my area. What? Blacked out?

The FAQ explains that it may be because it’s a paid event in my region. Um – it’s free! What a slap in the face! I’ve covered that event for eight years, and I finally have a year where I can watch the live stream I have always seen in the press tent. Nope. Blacked out.

This one didn’t get well thought out. I’ll get over it. But until then, don’t black out an event when you have promised your sponsors how many people will see their advertising message. Not great business for a free event entirely underwritten by sponsors. And not great business treating the community that welcomes you that way.

Don Chaney

Glenwood Springs