On the road with Corby at Phil Lesh’s musical Terrapin Crossroads in Marin, California | AspenTimes.com

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On the road with Corby at Phil Lesh’s musical Terrapin Crossroads in Marin, California

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VIDEO: Aspen Times mountain correspondent Corby Anderson takes the viewers all across the Roaring Fork Valley and surrounding wilderness for a new activity or adventure every summer day.

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Aspen official report: Grateful Dead bass player Phil Lesh built his Terrapin Crossroads music venue and restaurant with the concept that it would serve as an incubator for good new rock and roll bands to build their followings. Drenched in that “California soul,” featuring three impressive guitarists spinning country rock and psychedelic rock tunes, San Geronimo is one of those acts that have benefitted from Phil’s amazing venue in Marin, California, home of The Dead and many other legendary rock acts.

In the last episode of a series of “On The Road with Corby” videos from the coast of California, Aspen Times adventure correspondent Corby Anderson brings you one of the simple pleasures in life, a great new band playing a cool summer tune from a historic venue in the episode of California’s rock and roll scene. He calls it “chin strap rock,” because you’ll need one to keep your jaw from the floor.

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