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Just-paved Pitkin County roads are cracking

ASPEN – Pitkin County spent about $3 million to pave seven roads last year. Now, some of the pavement is cracking.

County commissioners were updated on the situation Tuesday.

“We are seeing, in some spots, performance issues with the product that we got,” said G.R. Fielding, county engineer.

The entire length of Castle Creek Road south of Aspen was repaved last summer and is showing the most severe cracking, he said.

The county is working with the contractor, Elam Construction, regarding the problem, Fielding added.

“We obviously have a lot of work to do to find out what’s causing this, what the remedies are,” County Manager Jon Peacock said.

The county accelerated its road-repaving work last summer when it obtained a favorable price from Elam, which also had a contract to repave stretches of Highway 82.