Johnny’s owner: ‘We’re not going anywhere’ |

Johnny’s owner: ‘We’re not going anywhere’

Karl Herchenroeder
The Aspen Times

Terrance McGuire, who recently opened a Glenwood Springs location of Johnny McGuire's Deli, plans to maintain an Aspen presence.

Johnny McGuire's Deli owner Terrance McGuire — who recently opened a Glenwood Springs location — has heard concern in the community for the future of his business at its Aspen location. On Monday, he said Johnny's is staying put.

In March 2013, McGuire and Mark Campisi, owner of the nearby Domino's franchise, sold the property for $1.5 million to 730 E. Cooper LLC, an entity headed by Mark Hunt, a Chicago businessman who also has interests in the Bidwell building and 204 S. Galena St. The East Cooper building, which was marketed as a redevelopment opportunity, also houses Aspen L.E.A.F. marijuana dispensary, Sammy's Barber Shop and Tulips Body Waxing Studio.

If the property is redeveloped, McGuire said he and Campisi will have the option to stay, adding that it must be a good fit for Johnny's to remain. It's unclear whether commercial uses will be an option moving forward. If the landlord decides to go in different direction, the tenants will be entitled to a nine-month notice.

"I really appreciate the landlord," Campisi said. "We've got a really good relationship with the landlord, and I'm sure that will continue going forward, but it's been a really good relationship for all of us involved."

Those who frequent Johnny's may have noticed that the deli was closed for most of last week and that the hours have been cut back. What used to be a 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. operating schedule is now 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. McGuire said that is the result of staffing issues: Prior to the closure, six employees on the nine-member cooking staff did not show up to work.

McGuire said the cooks wanted to have a meeting, but he decided to replace the entire nine-member staff.

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The Glenwood Springs location opened about five weeks ago in the former Eighth Street Deli space. McGuire said the Aspen location will be closed Wednesday, when they will decide to resume with regular hours or stay with the abbreviated schedule for the offseason.

"We'll see how fast we can get some people trained up," he said.

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