Group poop clean-up needed |

Group poop clean-up needed

Dear Editor:

Thanks for calling attention to the dog poop problem at Arbaney Kittle (“The pooper trail,” March 4). It’s disgusting to hike among the current mine field of feces on the trail. Just this past Sunday, a dog ran up the hill past me and defecated on the trail. His owner was clearly not in sight. I patiently waited for the owner so that I could point out her dog’s newly deposited poop. How lame, that owner would not have known about or cleaned up the poop if I hadn’t made her aware of it.

Dog owners need to obey the law … keep dogs within your sight and control at all times, and pick up their poop. In addition to the hundreds of clumps of feces (I mean, really, is this a nature trail or a sewer?) there are also many plastic poop bags that have been carelessly left behind, because their owners couldn’t be bothered to remember to hike them out.

Maybe the people who bring dogs on this trail can unite and do a group poop clean-up. How about this Saturday?

Diana Lane


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