Good guy, bad leader |

Good guy, bad leader

Dear Editor:

So, let me get this right. We have a:

1) “Good guy” police chief who was apparently a completely ineffective leader and very poor at doing his job – facts that are not in dispute and supported by the report.

2) A police sergeant who, knowing that her career may be put in jeopardy, and with the universal support of her peers in the department, is brave enough to raise the issue (which truly is a safety issue we all should be concerned about) with the exiting town manager.

3) An incoming town manager who thankfully and skillfully has not only managed the media frenzy over the matter, but also made some sense of the debacle and provided the town with some sane direction.

We should be appreciative of our team of police officers that has, despite its poor leader, maintained exceptional day-to-day professionalism in their duty to “protect and serve.”

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We should be thankful to have a town manager who has demonstrated an ability to quickly understand and digest a sensitive issue and provide some sane direction to the town.

And finally, we should wish Roderick and his vocal cronies good luck – tempting to say otherwise, but I will take them at their word. He probably is a nice guy to have over for a poker party – just happens to be a lousy chief.

Let’s move on, thank the Times for keeping up the pressure, and thank your officers when you see them on the street, especially Sgt. Paxton and the team for doing what was best for the citizens of Basalt!

Tim Kruse


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