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False issues plague local governments

Dear Editor:

Councilman Derek Johnson was recently quoted as saying, “It’s insane,” with respect to the current citywide speed limit of 25 mph, while Richard Pryor, Aspen chief of police, stated that the issue is one of perception and that very few speeding tickets are given out in the city limits because it’s difficult to get up to speeds faster than 25 mph in Aspen, and engineering studies established that little or no speeding occurs in the West End.

What is insane is our local governments’ endless search for new regulations and interventions to circumvent nonexistent problems. The recent list includes new speed limits for the town generally or exclusive to the West End, yield-versus-stop for bicycles, new fee waivers for “local-serving businesses,” parklets, regulations for helicopter filming, inquiries into sporting accidents …

Surely we have better things to do with our resources than dream up problems and then find solutions. Let it be.

Mike Maple