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Everyone else has rights

Dear Editor:

Growing up in a family without guns perhaps makes if difficult to understand why seemingly intelligent people in the United States insist on guns. Not being a hunter, I can accept rifles and shotguns with limited loads – very limited.

But, for the life of me, I cannot understand handguns and certainly not high-powered assault rifles. Even the hunters I know think they are silly and don’t even think it’s fair to use such weapons. So I assume the argument against guns has nothing to do with sport hunting, as much as I don’t understand hunting with our grocery stores stocked full of quality foods.

So the argument against safeguarding our children and the rest of society seems to be some unfounded fear of a rogue government taking control of our country. So let me ask: In an age of drones and weapons of mass destruction, do you really think that handguns and assault rifles would really make any difference?

Given that, why is it safer for me to be a passenger on an airplane than it is for my children to sit in kindergarten class at Aspen Elementary? Where are the rights of our children, our moviegoers, ourselves?

This battle will take a long time to clean up the country of unnecessary firearms, but it’s necessary. And locally, we can act now, beginning with more security measures at the Aspen schools. It’s time we stand up for our children’s rights and those who realize the false security of owning a firearm. Our kids deserve it; we deserve it.

Buy a can of bear spray if necessary. Just don’t put the rest of us in harm’s way because of your paranoia.

Tim Johnson

Snowmass Village