Delivering the goods |

Delivering the goods

Dear Editor:

Whether or not you are a fan of the X Games, giving some credit where credit is due is highly appropriate. Excuse me, Aspen Skiing Co., for saying so, but let’s face it: There is not a ton of snow these days, which makes what is happening on Buttermilk this weekend that much more impressive.

A mere four or five weeks ago, snow was sparse, but luckily there was a season-

saving storm to help lay somewhat of a snowpack foundation. While that storm helped, as I traveled up and down the valley shuttling kids around, I pondered as I frequently passed Buttermilk just how and if the X Games could possibly happen.

Then the cold temperatures hit, and the snow piles started to build, snowcats were at it day and night, infrastructure started to rise up, and while it has barely snowed since that original storm, the X Games took shape.

The halfpipe, the massive jumps and the completely transformed Panda Peak are a testament to what this town can do. So my hats off to John Rigney and crew for keeping the X Games in Aspen. Hats off to the snowmakers, cat drivers and the host of organizers, staff, volunteers, lodges and city representatives who helped pull these games off from the grass up.

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And to all the ESPN personnel while you’re here, take note – this town kicks ass at preparing for and hosting the X Games.

Steve Psaledakis


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