Couple sues Aspen Skiing Co. over mudslide |

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Couple sues Aspen Skiing Co. over mudslide

ASPEN – A Los Angeles couple is suing Aspen Skiing Co. and two other defendants over a mudslide that damaged their home in May 2011.

Andrew and Maralee Safir filed the complaint Wednesday in Pitkin County District Court. Other defendants are Redd Mountain Holdings Inc. and Eagle Pines Lot 2 LLC. All three defendants own vacant lots adjacent to the Safirs’ home at 450 Tiehack Road.

According to the suit, approximately 21,000 cubic feet of debris-flow damaged the Safirs’ home, causing extensive damage.

The suit claims that at least one of the defendants had diverted surface water, which caused the May 16, 2011, mudslide.

The Safirs are seeking an unspecified amount in damages for the civil charges of negligence, trespassing, nuisance and strict liability, the suit says.