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City kowtows to the West Enders

Dear Editor:

Regarding the 14-mph proposal in the West End: Just why do we continue to cater to the people in this neighborhood?

As far as I know, these streets are maintained by the city of Aspen. These residents have been blessed by our “governing officials,” and why? I personally feel that the residents of both streets (which have been blocked off) around the S-curves should pay more to have “their” streets maintained.

We, the residents of Aspen, pay, through high taxation, to maintain our roadways. I even saw a picnic table set up in the middle of one of the above alleyways during the summer season. This catering must stop.

The City Council has created this mess! Come next election, speak up. Torre (really, one name?) is no representative. Get rid of Mick! He, if given another term on the City Council, will destroy what remains of this town.

In closing, I’d like to give my favorite drive-away. When heading out of Aspen in gridlock (also an issue that our local “government” has failed), simply turn right and head to West Smuggler Street. At this junction, turn left, and follow Powerplant Road to Cemetery Lane. Take another left, and your drive through the West End will reunite you with Highway 82.

This little detour will save you time and aggravation and will enlighten you as to the beautiful neighborhood we so rarely see. Take your time to explore our wonderful little town while it still exists.

Aaron Anderson