Blinded by the sun |

Blinded by the sun

Dear Editor:

As much as I love this concept of X Games athletes spreading the word about how to save the winters, I debate on whether they are better-served teaching our youth how to stay out of the police blotter. I mean, how seriously can I take the perspective of a person who hucks himself and his 500-pound snomo rocket into the air, goes inverted and loses said snomo into the bush, all the whilst splaying self all over the hillside, getting up and raising his hands in glory … to celebrate that he is still alive and not the guest of a pro patrol escort to the emergency room?

How can these athletes convince me that there is scientific credibility behind their campaign, when most of this movement was started by Al Gore, whose credibility, in my opinion, is as tarnished as mine will ever be? I promise.

The sun is warm, people, and the planet is always changing through these geologic time zones. Let’s spread the word that hidden and unmarked obstacles do exist out there and that people should read the signs instead of staring straight into the sun for answers.

The Alliance for Climate Education is a good thing, and it is nonprofit. I just want its messages to balance out the opinions on planetary change that are out there and to allow our youth to come up with a theory for themselves without having an additional agenda of growing the movement for future voter bases.

I will read up on it; just show me where you got the balls to huck that sick inverted air on your snomo rocket!

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Mark Campion


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