Aspen’s students getting brainwashed |

Aspen’s students getting brainwashed

Dear Editor:

If the school in Aspen that allowed a proponent of man-made global warming to speak were to present fair and balanced information to school students, a denier of those theories should also be invited in to present the other side of that argument. This would better equip young adults to form opinions intelligently.

Young people are quite often supporters of green issues such as the bad aspects of development of energy, using that nasty black stuff called coal, or drilling for more oil, or saving wolves, eagles, polar bears or whales. Too often their young brains are dominated by the message from one side of a debate, sometimes known as brain washing.

Of equal importance is the economics of an issue which are often ignored. That’s why our country is more than $16 trillion in debt, something these young people will have to face up to later in life.

Dick Prosence


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