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Aspen’s bad example

Dear Editor:

As an election integrity advocate, I have studied many elections throughout the United States. Transparency in elections is the foundation to our democracy. The recent withholding of ballot images from the public, after they had been displayed publicly, does the Aspen community great harm.

Humboldt County, Calif., releases their ballot images for each election on the Internet through the Humboldt County Election Transparency Project ( Aspen is the only city to refuse to release ballot images.

Because Aspen experimented with a unique method of voting, called Instant Runoff Voting, it is even more important that citizens understand how the system worked.

Why does it require a private citizen having to file a lawsuit to bring back transparency after all these ballots were already shown publicly? The city should follow the lead of other cities, and release the ballot images and stop this nonsense.

Terry Reilly

San Jose, Calif.

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