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Aspen snobbery on display

Dear Editor:

According to an Aspen Daily News article published Sunday, Natalia Shvachko and husband Michael Sedoy are unwilling to share the front door, hallway and main elevator of the building they live in with their neighbors, the three affordable-housing tenants who occupy units a level below their free-market condos. Ugh! How typical of Aspen society, where millionaires are considered poor by billionaires, to tolerate such behavior! In most places, such snobs would be shunned.

Shvachko and Sedoy might of course, be found legally correct. If they are, one can only agree with Dickens’ Mr. Bumble: “The law is an ass.” Whether they prevail or lose in court, Shvachko and Sedoy make me happy and proud to be living in Carbondale (or almost anywhere except Aspen, where the skiing is great and a great many people have lost touch with reality).

Ron Kokish