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Amazed by Marolt rant

Dear Editor:

Roger Marolt’s latest column must’ve been a real exercise in humility for him, as he stopped just short of letting his readers know he was born in the Holden-Marolt Barn, giving him the ultimate uber-local status (“Enough of being a ‘local’ already,” Jan. 25, The Aspen Times).

He then informs the reader that his father and great uncle have a combined 157 years of local knowledge. Look who’s counting now! One hundred fifty-seven is more indicative of his ski length than anything else. The fact that they both allegedly referred to “the bowl” as “Highland” Bowl further strengthens my renegade Highlands skier resolve to call it the Highlands Bowl like we all used to.

What’s next? Is he going to claim that a Marolt was the very first to ski it? His rant reeked of the conservative political correctitude that I expect from him. Roger may not be a “new local,” but he sure acts and skis the Highlands Bowl like one.

Lo Semple