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December 11, 2012
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A desperate intervention: Villagers holler for snow

SNOWMASS VILLAGE - Oh where, oh where is the snow? Indeed, like a surfer without a wave, ski bums throughout the Village are having a tough time powering on without the precious white powder that holds their favorite pastime in check. But like the old-fashioned phrase, "where there's a will there's a way," a group of hopeful locals gladly took it upon themselves to end the gloom-stricken pajama party and finally get out and do something about it.

With just a layer of dust on the ground and temperatures at a tropical 30-some degrees, local Molly Eyler rallied a group of close friends recently and headed out to the comforting camping grounds of Snowmass Creek for a much-needed snow intervention.

Curious to unearth the details of this wild, forest-dwelling intervention, where howling and hollering around the campfire became the cornerstone of the evening's agenda, I stole some time with Molly to discuss the whys of her desperate measure, and get in on the memorable experience they shared between friends.

Snowmass Sun: Some people would say you are crazy for organizing such an event; what made you come up with the idea?

Molly Eyler: Well, it's not unusual for my friends and I to come up with short-notice adventures that bring us all together. I thought since we don't currently have much snow, and temperatures are higher than average, it would be perfect if we could all gather at one of our favorite spots and have a serious intervention with nature.

SS: Have you or your friends done anything like this before?

ME: We've never had a so-called "snow intervention" quite like this, but "pray for snow" parties, especially at the start of the season, have definitely been a part of our skiing circle in years past.

SS: Besides howling and hollering around the campfire to inspire a snowfall, what other things did you and your friends do to bring on the snow?

ME: Like always, we ate chocolate-chip cookies and remembered our good friend Brandon Zukoff who lost his life to an avalanche in February of 2011. Per usual, we cooked food and passed around a handle of whiskey to toast the season. If I remember correctly, two snow hats also got thrown into the fire before the night was over.

SS: How many people came to the creek? Did your friendships in the Village begin solely out of a love for skiing?

ME: After passing on a line to a couple people we had a group of 15 to 16 who got together and came out for the night. I think the initial reason we came together was a love for skiing, but we do share a lot of other activities together too, like camping, which we tend to do a lot of.

SS: Would you say the intervention ended

in success?

ME: On the snow side, not so much, but the good thing about it was everyone was really stoked to just be out there. That's what I like about my Snowmass friends - they always find a way to come together. No, skiing isn't the best right now, but while the grounds are dry and the temperatures are still high, we might as well camp and be optimistic for a good season regardless.

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